March 25, 2011

Win Win Win With Crispy Peking Raviolis

These fusion ravioli's are a win, win, win.
Easy to make, really cheap and so yummy.
All you need is a pack if wonton wrappers
(usually near the organic section
of the produce section in most supermarkets)

you want to mince all the items below into really small pieces
3-4 button mushrooms
3-4 shittake mushrooms
1/4 of a small onion
2 cloves garlic
3-4 stems of flat leaf parsley
and a splash of soy sauce or Worcestershire sauce

mix the filling well and take a small spoon
and spoon into a wonton wrapper...
put a little egg or water on a 2nd wonton wrapper
and put on top folding the sides up or over or any fun way...
fry in a pan with a little olive oil...

drizzle a little soy sauce before eating....