February 27, 2015

How to tell if your eggs are still good.

Do you know how to test the approximate age of an egg? 
When is it time to throw your eggs out?

All you need is a glass cup and cold water. 
Gently drop the egg into the water and if the egg:
~ sinks to the bottom and decides to stay there, 
    it is about 3-6 days old (good) 
~ if it sinks,  but floats at an angle, it's more than a week old  (ok)
~ your egg sinks, but then stands on end, it's about 2 weeks old (still ok)
~ if it floats, it's too old and should be discarded (not good)

February 25, 2015

Couples Cooking Classes in Philadelphia

Couples Cooking Classes are popular throughout
the Greater Philadelphia area.

We have couples cooking classes for birthdays, anniversaries,
Valentine's and any occasion for that matter.
Some couples just want to learn a few tips and tricks
on the weekend with no occasion except how
to learn how to cook the dishes they frequently
order from a restaurant.


Zestfully Let's Cultivate Food

February 4, 2015

Mini Cinnamon Rolls

Have you ever heard about----girl math?
When you go shopping and something is on sale or if you return
something-- that extra money you save or have received
from your return is free money?  In the same mentality-
if something is mini you can eat more of them and it's.... ok?

Alright,  come to think of it... the "because it's mini- you can eat more"
is probably not just a girl thing.  It's a people who love food thing!

Whichever type of math it is or isn't...
it's super easy to create mini cinnamon rolls.

Take some dough (store bought Pillsbury works well)
especially to save time.
Roll it out into a rectangle as best you can.
Sprinkle some brown sugar and cinnamon and then roll again.
Cut them into 1/2 inch pieces almost as if you are cutting sushi rolls.
Lay them into your mini muffin/cupcake tins that you have
sprayed or paper toweled oil into to prevent from sticking
and making it easier to pop them out when done.

You will bake them on 350 degrees for about 10-12 minutes.
(just until they are golden brown) and that is all!

Zestfully Let's Cultivate Food