January 31, 2015

Game Night!

Who doesn't love game night!?!

Ok, some people may not like playing games but part of me
also thinks that they just haven't had games introduced
to them in a fun way. I know this sounds kind of funny
but I've encountered many people who say they don't like
playing games but after playing them  for someone's
birthday or during camping or any ole occasion...
they just can't get enough!

I enjoy doing many things in themes.
Creating and following themes for me  keeps things
organized and definitely more fun!  It keeps it fun
for the guests/participants but it also keeps things
organized when shopping for the items as well!

The catered lunches I create are all in themes along with
the classroom class menus are always in theme
more often than not of an ethnic place.

When you're having game night...  there should always
be food involved.  Yes, I said  "should always have food involved"  :)

You can take it a step further and create your snack foods into
the games you might be playing.

Below are just a few examples.

Settlers of Catan... notice the the shape of the little food trays but also
the food itself represents the boards of the game... 
red salami for the brick board, the  pretzels and broccoli for the forest, 
the crackers for wheat etc...

You can also bake sugar cookies in the shape of dominoes...

Ever play checkers or chess with cheese balls and crackers?

Or... if you just don't have the time or energy to fully go all out-
you can simply lay some cheese and crackers out.
But, maybe lay your cheese out like the game Jenga.

Whatever you do... have fun with it!  Sometimes creating fun snacks
can be just as fun or even more than the game itself. Sometimes.

Zestfully Let's Cultivate Food

January 28, 2015

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January 13, 2015

Kale pesto pasta

Pesto is super easy to make AND is super delicious!

I was asked to cater a company function a few days ago and
decided to have one of the trays of food to be a pasta salad.

Pasta salad sometimes can be boring or the same old thing.
A very easy way to change it up a little bit is to make the
sauce  a pesto sauce.   It's not only is is visually pretty
but it's also healthy and yummy!

I took a small pot and filled half of the pot with water and while 
the water was heating up- I took the Kale- rinsed it and gave a 
rough chop so that the pieces of Kale were not so massive.  
Kale is really hearty and tough so I recommend taking 
the stems out.  Once the water comes to a boil- turn the stove off 
and add your Kale.  Place a lid on the pot so that all the heat 
stays in and it allows the Kale stay in the hot water.  
In the meantime you also want to boil the noodles or pasta of 
your choice (I used campanelle)  and saute the veggies of 
your choice in a little bit of olive oil, garlic 
(freshly minced or garlic powder is good) 
Add a sprinkle of salt and pepper to your liking.  

To make the Kale pesto- strain the water and add your Kale 
to a food processor or  blender if you don't have a food processor.  
Add 2 TBSP of olive oil, 1 teaspoon of garlic and or 
any other herb/seasonings.

Add the pesto to the hot, already cooked pasta and stir in together.
Once the pesto is mixed well to the pasta- you can add your 
sauteed veggies and stir those all together as well.

This can be served as a hot pasta or a chilled pasta salad.

Zestfully Let's Cultivate Food