June 19, 2013

Watermelon on a stick !

Summer always equals watermelon.
Whether you are taking watermelon to a park or picnic or any function for that matter...
a fun way to eat your watermelon is to simply stick a popsicle stick in it.

Wash your watermelon, slice it, jab it with a stick and throw them into a large container-
or an aluminum pan like the one in the picture.

Enjoy watermelon sticks with your friends and family this summer!

Zestfully, Let's Cultivate Food

June 7, 2013


Scallions are in the onion family and are often called ---
green onions, spring onions, salad onions, table onions, green shallots, 
onion sticks, long onions, yard onions and baby onions.

The name is often referred to what region or area you live in.

Scallions have their fair share of giving us vitamin A & vitamin C.

Scallions are used in so many cultures, styles of foods, in soups,
in stir-fries, as a garnish, as a marinating ingredient and so much more.

When eating Korean side dishes and especially in eating Korean BBQ
we shred scallions and give a quick toss in sauce to use as a garnish like
condiment to accompany the lettuce wraps or with just a chopstick full with 
the deliciously-sizzling bbq meats.

A scallion shredder looks like this....

and you simply run the blades through and it shreds the scallions. Once you shred the scallions
you definitely want to rinse them because there is often the sticky middle of some scallions.
It will liven the scallions as well and give that even fresher- curling on the ends.

You know the blue rubber bands that the scallions always come in? I usually keep the rubber band
on them and cut about an inch off the bottom and place them in a small cup or glass and they will
re-grow and sprout. DIY scallions! 
You can use the whole scallion, including the white-- and even the root part actually but I like to 
"cultivate" them and grow my own as well.  If you don't want to cultivate scallions--
you can also rinse the root part well and store them in a zip-lock bag and throw them into your 
soup broth to give your broth an easy, two-thumbs up type of  better flavor without much effort!

When cultivating scallions-- a little jar will work as well. It can sit right on your kitchen counter. 
It doesn't need to be near a window. It's pretty cool seeing them re-sprout and
being able to use something that you grew... well, sort of grew. 

Zestfully, Let's Cultivate Food