December 19, 2012

Penguins APP

When I say I like to create food that is not the norm....
I'm not kidding!  I love to take food and create it in ways
that make it look almost like art!  With that... here are some penguins!
Lately, EVERYTHING is holiday and winter related.

Now, here is a REALLY simply appetizer that will WOW your friends
and family.  I just call them penguin apps.

All you need are toothpicks, carrot slices, black olives, cream cheese
and little sliver cut pieces of carrot  for the penguins mouths/beaks.
A pairing knife will totally come in handy for making this appetizer!

Zestfully, Let's Cultivate Food

December 18, 2012

Super EASY Festive Donuts

Pinning is my drug... I mean.... where lots of ideas are shared. I came across these cute festive
diy donuts and had to make these!  Who doesn't love donuts? These are ridiculously easy
to make and even easier to EAT!!

Take some mini chocolate or powdered donuts and simply cut them in half.

Take some cake frosting/icing and some red and green food coloring and stir in several
drops of food coloring getting it to the colors you want it.
After your festive icing is ready--- take a small spoon and smear the icing
on the bottom half of the mini donut.

Zestfully, Let's Cultivate Food

Snow man Pizza

What does December make you think of?  All the lights? The possible snow? The candy, cookies,
and hot chocolate?  With all the festive gatherings and events it's easy to get swept up in the
crazy hustle and  bustle of the Chanukah & Christmas season.  I wanted to make something
that was winter related to something that is everyday food. What better than a snow man pizza!
I made mine a snow man margherita pizza but you can make it with any topping you want and like!
Take some pizza dough (often in the deli section if you want already made dough) or the dry packages
where you just add water is often found in the baking aisle of the supermarket.

One your dough is rolled out and ready--- simply divide it into 3 balls; representing the
snow balls of the snow man.

After you roll out the 3 circles of dough, you want to get your  pizza toppings ready.
I used salad tomatoes, basil, fresh mozzarella balls and a small can of tomato sauce.

Then comes the fun part! The decorating! Having some black olives would of probably
 helped in looking more like a snow man.

So my snow man is a little more abstract than I initially wanted but none the less....
the pizza was good!  It baked for about 15 minutes on 400 degrees.

Zestfully, Let's Cultivate Food

December 17, 2012

Sharing Christmas Cookies

I just wanted to share some pictures of Christmas cookies.
I don't make cookies too often because I'm not much of a cookie fan.
I decided to make a few with my mom for students in my
ESL class that I volunteer at on Tuesday nights.

My dad decided to join in and decorate some as well.
Being that my dad isn't the craftiest person... it was pretty cool to see him decorate some!