May 30, 2018

Sashimi Salad

Sashimi Salad with salmon or tuna is our go-to for cooking classes
because salmon and tuna are the most accessible for the general public
to purchase. You can always cultivate a dish and create it to your liking.

Below is a common base that you can start with.
I typically will start with some type of green whether it be red leaf lettuce,
romaine lettuce, cabbage (green or purple) mustard greens, baby spinach,
watercress or an organic spring mix for mini lettuces and greens.

Add other veggies such as sliced or shredded carrots, pickled radish,
or plain radish, cucumbers slices or shredded, a smaller type of
mushrooms (eg: enoki), a bell pepper for color...

and then to the Salmon or Tuna - make sure that you are purchasing
"Sashimi" grade or "Sushi" grade fish because you want it to be the
freshest but more importantly because you are consuming it in raw form.

A great marinade for the fish and then to ultimately add to the
other veggies will be: 
~ juice of 2 limes (for acidity)
~ 1-2 TBSP of sugar (for sweetness)
~ sriracha mayo (mix sriracha & mayo together) if you enjoy things spicy,
   use extra plain sriracha at the end as well (to you liking)
~ 2 TBSP of soy sauce (for the salt aspect & flavor)
~ 1 TBSP of fish sauce (extract of anchovies) not oyster sauce
~ 1 TBSP of sesame oil (or a little more to your liking)
~ sprinkle of sesame seeds (to your desired amount) (start with 1 teaspoon)

Once your fish is marinating for about 15 minutes you can assemble all
your veggies and then lay the fish on top and mix everything or plate
it to look layered and then mix once you/your guests are ready to eat.

Zestfully,  private party chef Yoon

May 17, 2018

Stuffed Mushrooms

White button mushrooms are great to stuff.
I love to stuff them with vegetables and cheese!

You can take large white mushrooms, twist and pop the stems off.
and stuff them with spinach and artichoke, a caprese style stuffing,
Italian sausage, pepperoni and cheese, etc... cultivate it to make it your own.

Once you decide what to stuff the mushrooms with, simply add a little olive oil
or grape seed or avocado oil and drizzle over all the mushrooms. This will not
only give it flavor but will allow for the mushrooms to bake better.
Add your preferred cheese (shredded off the block if you can) and then
simply bake for 10 minutes on 375 degrees.
You can always garnish with a sprinkle of herbs or a veggie puree or cream sauce.
I love to add pea sauce or carrot puree. The purees can be easily made
by chopping the desired veggie into small pieces and simply simmer for about
10 minutes with choice of stock or water. (the liquid will cook down)
Then blend to your desired thickness. I put them into squeeze bottles for easy use.

Zestfully,  private party chef Yoon