October 1, 2013

Apple Cinnamon Mint infused green tea - updated

Fruit and herb infused drinks are the BEST!
Water is the absolute best but, infused waters
and teas are what often help make
a meal or snack twice as good!

I'm known to infuse all kinds of things in water and teas.
from basil to black pepper corns, to fruit rinds to star anise to
the typical citrus fruits, berries, rosemary, tarragon, spearmint, mint etc...

When I think of the season of Fall aka: Autumn--
I think of apples then pumpkins.

In many of my cooking classes I remind people of how we eat
the same basic things over and over and over again.
We get into a rut with many things; exercise, tv shows,
but most often with food... I guess because we eat more than once a day..?.

I like to use  green tea as a base in many infused tea drinks.
start with brewing 8-10 green tea bags (to make a pitcher)
Add a sweetener (sugar, agave, honey, splenda... whatever floats your boat)
add one apple diced, 4-5 whole cinnamon sticks and and a few mint leaves.
I usually add 4-5 whole stems.  The whole stem with the leaves.

This refreshing drink is the perfect Fall drink or any season!

Zestfully, Let's Cultivate Food

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