May 30, 2015

What can you infuse your water with?

Lemons wedges or slices are probably the most common
things people put into their water.

Throw a mint or basil leaf or 2 or 3 in there with the lemon!

Lemon is good but change it up a little with a lime,
or orange slices and lime slices.

A lime wedge or 2 with cucumber is good also or just plain cucumber slices.
Edible flowers believe it or not are good also to infuse
your water with. Have you ever heard of rose water.
(for infusing roses... make sure you wash the petals really well
and trim the white bottom area where the petals meet the stem
for that part is bitter)

Rosemary, Mint and Basil are only a few herbs that
are good to steep in your water also.

Almost any fruit is good to infuse your water with...
peach slices, strawberry slivers, grape slivers,
pomegranate seeds, citrus slices, pineapple slices, melon balls....

You can also take a stem of aloe vera, wash it and peel the
skin off with a veggie peeler and cut into small pieces
before you toss it into your water.

 Zestfully Let's Cultivate Food

May 27, 2015

Asian Supermarket TOUR

Back by popular request!
Our Asian Supermarket Tour.
by a current restaurant consultant, food blogger, 
flavor creating goddess, former co-owner of a restaurant. is doing the 
Asian Supermarket Tour
AGAIN due to popular request!

Have you ever walked into an Asian Supermarket looking
for an exotic ingredient in a recipe that you'd love to try only
to quickly realize you have no clue where to get that item or
product OR what half the products are on those shelves ?!?

Well, here is another opportunity to participate in
my Asian Supermarket TOUR.

During your tour, you will learn about 
the most common products
in Asian cooking and brand differences.
(More than 30 + products and ingredients will be discussed)

For the summer Tour dates-- 
the tours will take place at H-Mart in Upper Darby 
(20 minutes from Center City & Main Line area)

How can I participate in a tour?
1. First, you MUST register which means signing up
    for which date you'd like to participate in. 
    Why do you need to register and sign up you ask?
    Well, there will be a limited number in each
    tour group as well as needing to keep track of how
    many goodie bags I need to fill for each date.

2. After you register, you will receive an email
    with information regarding your tour.

What does it cost?"
Great question! I'm glad you asked. 
The price for my "Asian Supermarket Tour " 
is  $48.00/pp.

Includes free goodies, a 90 minute tour 
chock-full of tips and information, 
pointing out which products and ingredients are the healthiest, 
most versatile and common in Asian kitchens, as well
as what you need for the Asian inspired dishes you want to cook.

Can I invite others and if so...
how many people can I invite?
You betcha! You can invite as many people
as you'd like.  We'd be glad to accommodate
your friends/family/co-workers/neighbors
as long as each person registers and sign up.
Children are welcome as well but just remember
they must be registered as well... simply
because they are taking a spot on the tour!

What should I wear?
Whatever you have that brings out your creative cooking juices. 
We won't be walking through any rocky trails,  over bridges, etc.
so whatever you feel is comfortable when you normally shop
will be great!  You don't have to get dressed up.
(Unless you want to!?!)  Whatever floats your boat.

When and how do I pay?
Payment needs to be prior to the arrival of the tour.
Payment can be through any of the options below.
~ Credit card  (Visa / MC / Discover)
~ Venmo
~ Paypal

click to REGISTER  ----->  LINK

May 21, 2015

Fish Grilled Inside a Pineapple!

Take a fillet of any fish you prefer-
(I used haddock for this round but another
good fish would be salmon or tuna)

and sandwich it inside pineapple slices.
Take your pineapple and slice the sides up
using the whole length of the pineapple.

Liberally season your fish on both sides with coarse salt
and black pepper. Place the fish in between the
2 slices of the pineapple and then you can either tie
some kitchen cooking twine or use 2 skewers like I did.
(I ran out of twine)

Place your pineapple sandwiched fish on the grill and grill 
it on a high flame for about 12-15 minutes. You don't need to 
flip it over for the bottom pineapple slice will char a little and 
cook the fish literally inside the pineapple slice.
As the hot flame meets the ripened pineapple- the sweet natural
juices of the pineapple will give it great flavor.
It really makes you feel summery as well! 

Welcoming Summer Let's Cultivate Food

May 20, 2015

Cooking an Asian Fusion Menu for a Birthday!

Although every. single. person has a birthday--
it is always fun to celebrate with friends and or family.

Many of our In-Home Cooking Classes are where
people spend time together with a hands-on activity
that they can relish forever.
We spend time cooking, cutting, sauteing, baking,
learning, challenging each other, eating and most importantly
having and spending quality time with loved ones.


Celebrated another Birthday Let's Cultivate Food

May 11, 2015

Asian Fusion Noodles class in Philadelphia

Asian Fusion Noodles class through Cheltenham Adult School.
We had a great time  learning about 7 different types of noodles.
Cooking them and then eating them of course!
From soups to salads to appetizers to entrees.

slurped some long noodles Let's Cultivate Food

Lemon rosemary chicken

I always enjoy the flavor and scent of this lemons  and rosemary .
You can use chicken wings, breast or if you're brave and have the time-
do the whole chicken.

Take some olive oil and put it all over the chicken.
Sprinkle coarse sea-salt, fresh OR dry rosemary and squeeze juice
from a lemon all over. Let it sit over night in the refrigerator
or at least 30 minutes to marinate.

Bake in the oven at about 350 degrees until it's tender.
Once it's tender I like to place the chicken right under
the heat on broil and let it get a little crispy.
(You will have to bake for about 30-40 minutes)

The scent will fill your kitchen with lemony goodness!