May 30, 2013

Grilling Pizza On Your Grill

Make your own home made pizza on the grill.
Simply purchase already made pizza dough.
Roll it out a little to get a flat shape.
I purposely don't make the shape of the dough round...
to get that true homemade feel and look to it.
This would be a good time to use the tip titled "lemons on the grill"
Place the dough right on your grates. (assuming they are clean)
and let the dough cook for a few minutes.... maybe 5-7 minutes.

Once you've flipped the dough over- you can add your tomato sauce
and toppings or if you enjoy a margherita pizza- you can simply top
your dough with slices of fresh mozzarella, tomato slices and fresh
basil leaves whole or chopped up. Once the cheese has started to melt-
you can sprinkle a little salt and pepper.

Did you know pizza on the grill could be so easy?!

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Double Duty Melon Ballers and Veggie Peelers

Vegetable peelers and melon ballers are good for
all vegetables and fruits.
Rather than using a paring knife to peel an apple...
it can be easier to use a vegetable peeler for peeling the
skins of an apple or pear for instance. Taking the seeds
and core out of an apple or pear can also be easier
with a melon baller rather than a paring knife.

May 20, 2013

Bird's Nest

The bird's nest.

It's made from potatoes and it was the base of salads back during the restaurant days.
Wow, the restaurant days seem like so long ago. Almost another life time ago. Literally.

What's great about the bird's nest is that it's fun, crunchy, visually interesting and best of all-
it's SO yummy!  It's great to put a salad or even rice into. You can simply use it as an edible bowl.


All you need is one large potato, corn starch, a small metal strainer with a handle that

will fit into a sauce pan or deep fryer of oil and one egg.

Take your potato, peel it, wash it and shred it. (you can use a mandoline or box shredder)
After you shred it- you have to wash it to get all the starch out. 
(You should rinse it at least 3-5 times) You'll see a little bit of light brown water come out.

Once you wash it, shake your strainer a little to get the excess water out.
Next, lightly coat your potatoes with cornstarch- enough that they coated.
Lastly, take your egg and either brush it onto the potatoes or mix the potato in the egg.
(The egg will basically help keep the potato together in your little metal strainer to fry in)

Take the potatoes and shape them into the little strainer like a bird's nest.
Once your oil it hot... you can deep fry them. 
When they are a golden brown they are ready.  Place your salad or any side dish in there!

Zestfully, Let's Cultivate Food

May 17, 2013

Cilantro Lime Rice

It's been a while since I have had a new post...
cooking classes have been quite busy but I always enjoy sharing food.

Today it's cilantro lime rice.... so easy, so delicious,
so easy to eat and enjoy!

It's always great to season your food with fresh
or dry herbs or seasonings.

One of many ways to flavor your fluffy rice or pasta
is to add the juice of half a lime, a handful of cilantro
chopped up and I also
like to add a TBSP of butter.

The aroma of the lime and cilantro is delightful and makes
your rice even healthier and more flavorful.
You can have cilantro lime rice as a side dish, on your tacos, burritos,
on a salad, with a burger or simply by itself.

This simple rice is simply rice---lime---cilantro---butter (optional)

Zestfully, Let's Cultivate Food

May 1, 2013

Thai Tea --- DIY

Thai Tea..... Yuh-Uhm.

Thai tea is traditionally made from brewing red tea leaves. 
Unfortunately red tea leaves are not the easiest to come across.... 
so the next best thing is to use black tea.

You will notice most Thai or Vietnamese restaurants' Thai tea has a reddish hue--
for they import red tea in from Asia.

You can very easily brew some Thai tea at home though!

recipe and procedure:  
Boil a pot of water (kettle) and about 8-10 black tea bags.
I know you are in a hurry to boil some BUT... make sure you take the paper off the tea bags.
You can use any brand of black tea as well.
Add a handful of star anise. (maybe about 8-10 stars).
Star anise looks like this if you've never seen it before.

Once the black tea bags and star anise have an awesome par-tay boiling and bubbling away--
let it sit and chill for a little while.

The only other thing to add is the 5 or so heaping TBSP of sweet condensed milk
and my secret (not so much a secret anymore)  is to add a splash of hazelnut coffee creamer.
(a splash is about 3 TBSP in this case of making a whole kettle/pot full)

This Thai tea is really rich and awesome in taste!  The star anise gives it that licorice like taste.
(It's similar to a Chai tea but different at the same time)   Chai tea has more goodies in it.

As the warmer weather is upon us--- chilling this tea is best.
A tip for icing this tea without making it too diluted is to make some black tea ice cubes.
(prior to adding the sweet condensed milk and creamer... add some black tea/star anise blend
in ice cube trays.  

If your ice isn't ready... use plain ice and you will have tea ice cubes for your next batch!

Zestfully, Let's Cultivate Food