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Accolades for 'Best Cooking Instructor in Philadelphia'

Below are real reviews & comments that have been copied and pasted from
review sites such as Google, Yelp & Facebook.

We had so much fun on Saturday night.  Thx for all the info and I am now 
growing the lettuce.  It is working great.  Loved the tips you shared with us.  
It was a real treat and I hope the younger grandchildren didn't 
distract you too much.  Sometimes it's hard to keep babes  towing 
the line which you probably know.   It was a unique evening for 
our family and we also have enjoyed the photos.  
Cheers,   Jan  February 2016

"YAY! Thank Yoon. We heated up the leftovers (spicy tofu stew and pajeon)
on Saturday afternoon for lunch and it was a big hit. Now I'm going to
try re-creating it on my own. Thanks very much!
Leslie   November 2015

"Thank you so much, Chef Yoon! 
These are great photos and we LOVED having 
you there to teach us how to cook those delicious 
finger foods as well as give us all those tips!"
Whitney     June 2015

"Thank you Yoon for your visit and we all 
had a good time! And food was delicious."
Beatrice   May 2015

"Hi Yoon, I hope that you are doing well. 
Thank you again for the wonderful cooking
demonstration- that was so much fun!"
Lindsey        April 2015

"Yoon, thank you so much. Monica and I had a fun time

and we really learned a lot.  We'll definitely look
forward to future classes with you via MALT."
Nate         March 2015

"Thanks Yoon.  I had a fabulous time.
I even bought rice wrappers at the store yesterday.
I love your classes. Hope you had a great weekend."
Cathy        February  2015 

"Thanks so much, Yoon! These pix are great!  
We had so much fun with you guys. I learned a lot! 
I told Lisa and Brendan this was one of THE COOLEST 
bday gifts I have ever received! It was a pleasure 
meeting you and Mike.  Thanks again!" 
Eileen     August 2014

In the catalogue again for this Fall.

"We gave my dad an in-home cooking class 
for Father's Day this year and we were lucky 
enough to find Let's Cultivate Food. 
Everything was better than we could have 
planned/imagined. Yoon was super  
helpful in organizing with us, planning and 
customizing the menu to cater to our 
tastes/preferences, etc..
 We loved the class.  It was entertaining and we got 
great recipes and tips to make delicious food in ways 
that we all agreed we would actually be able to 
recreate without having Yoon in our kitchen...
not to mention the food was delicious
Not only would I 100% recommend this to anyone, 
but I am pretty sure my dad is already looking for 
the next opportunity he can book another class 
with Yoon for his friends! "
Sara        July  2014

"It was so great meeting you and experiencing your 
delicious creations. Thanks Yoon and Mike for a great night, 
again! Let's Cultivate Food prepared a personal chef dinner
"I love these! We all enjoyed cooking with you a lot! "
Allie   May  2014

"You and Mike made it such a fun, relaxing and delicious event.  
I spoke to some of our staff who came today and they were 
raving about it.  We are so grateful to you for visualizing 
what we wanted to do for our wellness team and making 
it happen. Thank you for the pictures!! Again, thanks so much 
and I look forward to working with you again!"
Lauren     May 2014

"I must tell you that I have taken several classes through 
Mt. Airy Learning Tree. Yours was the ABSOLUTE BEST!!! 
I had such a good time and learned so much.
I appreciated all of the tips that you gave us as you cooked. 
And the food was outstanding and so simple. 
I would definitely do it again. I am so glad  that I
did your class. Thank you. Thank you." 
Cindy      May 2014

"I had booked them blind (no referrals, strictly based 
on the internet) and was very nervous.  
They were awesome. Very responsive, on time and 
fun to work with.  They gave us lots of helpful hints 
and had trivia. What more could you ask for??
Would definitely recommend them.  "
(review left on Yelp)     April  2014  

"Thank you very much. You guys were great!"
Terri       April  2014

"Thanks Yoon and Mike for a great night, again! "
Ilissa        March 2014

"Our group had a blast and learned a lot! 
The food was amazing!"
Barb       February  2014

"..Much thanks to "Let's Cultivate Food". 
Kids had a ball. Rainbow cupcakes. Everything taste 
Great!! Too. Snowman pizzas. The kids where hands on. 
They made everything. Flowers from kiwis, strawberries  
and chocolate chips..."
Monique     February 2014

"For my husband, 2 of our friends and I and it was wonderful.  
We were served and stuffed with delicious 
food and were greatly entertained by Mike as well. "
Elena      February 2014

" It was great seeing you. Thanks so much for teaching 
us how to make sushi - it was delicious and a lot of fun :)   
great photos!  Thanks again,"
Carly     November 2013 

"I had a wonderful time! Thank you again! 
It was delicious!"  
Blair       November  2013 

Let's Cultivate was in the 
Chestnut Hill Local newspaper
link to the article on September 26th, 2013

In the catalogue again! 
Cooking Classes through Main Line School Night. 
15+ and counting.

In the catalogue again for our Asian Noodles class!

"Thank you so much for the pictures!!
We had such a great time last night and cannot
stop talking about the experience.
Hopefully, we can see you in the near future!"
D & N    August  2013

"The honey worked very well. I thinned it in the 
microwave as you recommended. 
The tea was a huge hit at my party!  
Thanks again for your tip! "
Valerie       July 2013

"such a great time, thanks again!" 
Justin       July  2013 

"Thank you so much.  
Had a great time and the food was delicious!"
Sheri       June  2013

"Great follow up from company!"
(anonymous through Groupon)
June  2013

"Thanks so much! 
We had such a great time with you guys and we're 
so happy that we now know how to make sushi!!  
Thanks for the photos -- 
it's really nice to be able to have those! 
We hope to be able to do this again soon!"
Anna       May 2013   

"What a great experience! We look forward to 
doing it again."
Steve        May 2013   (through Facebook)

"Had a awesome time yesterday. You guy's were 
great and the food was fantastic!!!! "
Vinny   March 2013   (through Facebook)

"Let's cultivate food was outstanding. Y and M 
were personable and entertaining. 
The lesson was easy to follow and delicious.
I would do this again and 
recommend it to all my friends."
March  2013   (review left on Groupon)

"We had a great time. Thanks so much for 
everything!"  March  2013 (review left on Groupon )

Laxmi's Indian Grille:  "Thank you so much for the 
review, and we hope to see you again soon!  "
March 2013

 "I was just surfing around on the web and landed 
on your page! 
I wanted to say thank you so much for the awesome 
section about your time volunteering at the 
Family House!! We loved your theme and are so 
grateful for all you did. I just wanted to reach 
out again to say thank you. Hope you have been 
enjoying the rest of this chilly season- 
if you ever want to get in touch about the 
Family House please let me know. Thanks again Yoon!"
--Allyse  (Gift of Life Family House)    February, 2013

"The cooking class was incredible. The personal chefs 
were knowledgable, engaging and fun  Everyone loved 
the food and had a great time. And, it's rewarding to 
eat a delicious meal that you helped create. I would 
definitely recommend this class. I plan to host another 
one soon.  I give Let's Cultivate Food five stars!!!!! "   
Adriann     February 2013

This is a really great article, we really appreciate it :)
thank you soooo much!
Go Popcorn- Philadelphia   December 2013