April 29, 2019

Drunken Thai Noodles

Drunken Thai Noodles - often referred to eating as a hangover noodle dish or simply the idea of the rice noodles being cooked 'drunken' in the sauce

~ 1 pack of flat wide rice noodles.  (bags come in 1 lb bags typically)
(soak the noodles for 20-30 minutes in warm water prior to cooking)
~ 2 TBSP of oyster sauce (2 drizzles across)
~ 2 TBSP of soy sauce (2 drizzles across)
~ 1 TBSP of fish sauce
~ 1 TBSP of rice vinegar
~ 1 TBSP of sugar
~  1-2 teaspoon of chili paste (or to your liking of spice level)
~ 1 teaspoon of grated ginger 
~ 2-3 cloves of grated or minced garlic (or 1 teaspoon of garlic powder) 
~ 1-2 eggs  
~ veggies can be whatever left over veggies you have 
(some common ones are carrots, broccoli, spinach, kale, chives, cabbage, swiss chard, bell peppers, bok choy, scallions etc...)(I typically mix 2-3 veggies)
~ optional to use beef, shrimp or chicken as protein, (if using a protein, add the protein when you're adding your veggies.

Once you have all your ingredients out and ready;
1. use a neutral oil to add to your pan
2. add your veggies, garlic and ginger; toss around to mix
3. after the veggies have sauteed for about 2-3 minutes, add the noodles
4. add the oyster, soy sauce, fish sauce, rice vinegar, sugar and chili paste on top of the noodles to season  (add more soy sauce if the noodles are coated in seasoning after initial toss/mix)
5. once noodles have been mixed with the veggies/herbs and have started to cook down
(about 3-4 minutes)  create a 'well' in the center and add about a TBSP more of oil and crack 1-2 eggs in the center; let it cook for about a minute until it starts to coagulate and look like the start of scrambled eggs. 
6. Give a final mix with the egg

Plate and enjoy!