May 30, 2013

Grilling Pizza On Your Grill

Make your own home made pizza on the grill.
Simply purchase already made pizza dough.
Roll it out a little to get a flat shape.
I purposely don't make the shape of the dough round...
to get that true homemade feel and look to it.
This would be a good time to use the tip titled "lemons on the grill"
Place the dough right on your grates. (assuming they are clean)
and let the dough cook for a few minutes.... maybe 5-7 minutes.

Once you've flipped the dough over- you can add your tomato sauce
and toppings or if you enjoy a margherita pizza- you can simply top
your dough with slices of fresh mozzarella, tomato slices and fresh
basil leaves whole or chopped up. Once the cheese has started to melt-
you can sprinkle a little salt and pepper.

Did you know pizza on the grill could be so easy?!

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