June 14, 2011

Do Eggs Make A Difference?

Have you ever wondered if a certain type or brand of
something tastes better?  People have taste tests all the time,
especially companies. I was making egg salad and realized
that there is actually a superior egg.  Yes, they do taste different.
I have discovered that Eggland's Best Organic Brown Egg is
by far tastier hands down.  I made egg salad with  regular
non-organic white eggs and with the organic eggs.
There truly is a difference.  I've also fried both types as well.

If you think about it...  it makes sense....
when a hen is fed strictly grain with no animal by-products
and when they are not given any hormones, antibiotics or
steroids along with not being stuffed in a cage...  they would
be healthier and have less stress.  It is slightly a few more cents
than regular eggs but by far worth it!   Hands down.