June 30, 2011

Fanciful Cucumbers

How many ways can you cut a cucumber?

Let's see, you have your regular standard slices... for a garden salad,
just to snack on, add to water or to place on your eyes.

Then you have the longer cuts, either in half,
in quarters or even match stick,

You can also slice them multiple times or even dice them,
for a good pickled salad with some radishes or carrots.

Shredding them is also another option many cold
Asian noodle dishes have.

You can also slice them with a cheese slicer or vegetable peeler
length-wise and simply pour some Italian dressing on it to make
a really simple cucumber salad or side dish, great with almost anything.

I saved the best for last.  It is more of a garnish
rather than putting them into salads and such. 
Are you ready to see?   Now, close your eyes....
just kidding.  

Now, that is a fanciful cucumber. Excellent for garnishes. 
Let me say that this cucumber is one piece.  (In the picture...
there are 3 cucumbers) but, they are not 2 pieces placed next
to each other.  hmmm....
how can I cut it that way?  It is almost like a puzzle. 
If you are interested in the puzzle and are not sure of the answer...
email me. (last tab on top of the page...  "Contact Us")