July 7, 2011

I Keep Hearing...

I've heard or talked to at least 5  people in the past 2 weeks about
trying to basically eat less meat or no meat for different reasons.
Here is a dish for no or less meat eaters to try!

Have you ever heard of spaghetti squash?
It almost looks like a big Korean melon.

A simple way to cook it is to- cut the squash in half and
throw it into a big pot of hot water,for the purpose of
getting a head start in making it softer.
Then place it on an oven safe tray or pan cut side down.
Drizzle a little olive oil and some sea salt on it and
let it sit in the dry sauna (oven)on maybe 375 degrees
until it gets softer and almost a little brown but not burnt.
Once it's softened... you'll be able to simply take a
fork and literally fork it off.
It works well for a substitute for spaghetti-
hence the name: spaghetti squash.
You can have a side salad or other veggies with your
vegetarian spaghetti!  You can toss a little
Italian dressing for a little more taste if you'd like!