May 26, 2016

Cucumber Kimchi

Oh-ee  "Oh-Eee" which is cucumber in Korean..... kimchi.
Basically it is cucumbers  stuffed with similar ingredients
that go into Kimchi- (the spicy fermented Korean cabbage.)

First, you want to start off with some Kirby cucumbers.
Kirbys are good b/c they are smaller than the regular
long cucumbers and there aren't as many seeds.

After washing them, you want to cut 2 slits almost all the way down 
the cucumber. You want 4 pieces and the cucumber still in tact 
because you will be stuffing the Kirbys. 
--cut all the way down leaving about an inch--- something like this.

You want to take the cucumbers, put them into a large bowl
and add some coarse salt, with a little water-
to soften and more or less infuse the cucumbers a little.

After roughly 20-30 minutes, rinse the salt off with water.

You'll need some cut chives,  hot pepper flakes
(not the seeded type of pepper flakes), shredded carrots,
a tablespoon of fish sauce
or soy sauce and some minced garlic. (2-3 cloves or to your liking)

What's great about certain Asian-style knives is that they are flat
on the bottom end of the knife. You might think.. 
who cares what the bottom looks like?  They are great because 
after you smash garlic cloves with the side of your knife...
you can just mince the garlic with the bottom of your knife.  
Yes, double-duty!

The stuffing of the cucumbers is a simple mixture of shredded carrots 
(pretty much for the color and to add a little natural sweetness), 
the cut chives into about 2 inch pieces,  
1 tablespoon of fish oil 
2-3 minced garlic cloves and 
hot pepper flakes to your liking of spiciness.

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