November 5, 2013

PUMPPLE = pumpkin + apple

Have you ever been to the Reading Terminal Market in Philly?
If you've never been... it's located on 12th and Arch Street near
the PA Convention Center.

There is a place called the Flying Monkey Bakery that makes this
cake pie called the Pumpple.  Pumpple = Pumpkin + Apple.
Now, It is not your typical cake or pie. It's a pie cake or shall we call it cake pie?
It's almost  like 4 in one.  It takes them 3 whole days to make it from  scratch.
The standard 9 inch diameter cake is about 15 pounds.
Yes, I did say fifteen POUNDS.
There are 1800 calories (12 slices) and  it costs $75.

It's the MOTHER of all cakes and pies.  So, when I came near one...
instead of saying... no, I don't want to try that or shouldn't really eat that...
I said,......... I'm SO making that at home. Go figure!
(I also did say... there's no way I'm paying $75 for a cake.....
sorry Flying Monkey)

So, this is my semi-homemade version.  This Pumpple- by the way is
COMPLETELY sugar free. The basic make up of the Pumpple is 2 layers of cake.
The bottom layer being a chocolate cake with an already baked pumpkin pie
in the center and the 2nd layer being a vanilla layer with an already baked apple pie
in the middle.  It really is 2 cakes + 2 pies, 4-all in one.

So, thanks to Pillsbury's sugar free cake mixes, sugar free icings and Acme's sugar
free apple and pumpkin pies, they took out all the hard work for me!


I started by getting my 2 cake batters ready with water, oil and eggs.
Easy enough. I then carefully took out my sugar free pies I purchased from
the bakery at Acme. I started with greasing the bottom of my pan and then
added some chocolate cake batter.

I then laid the pumpkin pie on top of about a 1/3 or so of the batter.
Once the pie was carefully laid... I took the rest of the chocolate batter
and completely covered the pumpkin pie.

I did the same thing with the vanilla cake batter and sugar free apple pie.
Once they were cooked at about 325-350 degrees for 40-50 minutes....
I took them out to cool.

I did wait a while for them to cool and actually chilled them in the
refrigerator overnight. Once I was ready, I began to ice the bottom chocolate layer
first with Pillsbury sugar free icing.

THEN- I CAREFULLY took the chilled vanilla cake (with apple pie inside)
and placed it on top. The original Pumpple at the Flying Monkey uses a home made
layer of butter cream frosting that is about 1.5-2 inches high in between the 2 layers.
I might be ambitious but... had to go a little easy somewhere right...? haha

The hardest part is getting the second layer of cake to lay on top without it going....
PHALT! Once you're ready you can ice the whole entire cake.
It took me a can and a half to ice this cake.

The second to last thing and maybe most fun thing about the Pumpple is to decorate it.
I actually had the same leaf decorations and round jimmies that the bakery
seemed to use. And then of course the BEST thing is to cut it, and eat it.
It REALLY is REALLY good. The chocolate is very yummy with the pumpkin pie and
the apple pie really goes well with the vanilla cake- just like the way apple pie
is good with vanilla ice cream!
This MIGHT be dessert for Thanksgiving this year.....
and of course some jello wedges.

Zestfully Let's Cultivate Food