January 21, 2012

Roasted Shrimp on a Bed of Sea Salt

Ok, who loves seafood? Who doesn't like shrimp? In the summer-
it can be just a short day trip to the Jersey Shores,
Delaware or even Maryland but when it's winter...
here is a very easy option to try at home.
Sea Salt roasted Shrimp!  It's quite simple to cook.
I've found that the hardest part is trying to devein the shrimp
with the shell still on. I suppose you can devin your fresh
raw shrimp with the shell off... BUT the shell actually gives it remarkable flavor.

After I brought my fresh, raw shrimp home, I turned my oven to about 350
and started by laying some coarse sea salt on an oven safe pan. As my sea salt
started to warm up on the middle shelf and started getting hot- I patiently
de-veined the shrimp with the shell still on. By the time the shrimp was deveined,
the salt was hot! I then moved the sea salt pan on to the top shelf and turned the
oven to broil with the oven door propped.
Have you ever noticed your oven door kind of stops and can be propped on it's own?
Well, that's what it's for... literally. It's for circulating the air.
As the really hot temperature from the 500 degree broil feature is on,
by propping the door it allows for the room temperature air in your kitchen
to enter the oven and circulate. If you have a newer oven that has the
convection feature or option... then you don't need to prop any doors and aren't you fant-cee!

 The little yellow is clumps of grated garlic. (Optional to grate fresh garlic)

These babies haven't been deveined yet so as you can see the shell is still comfortably intact.

You can simply take a tong and lay your shrimp on the heated sea salt.
I like to change it up each time to see which way is better and for this most
recent time- It kind of made sense to sprinkle garlic powder
and of course some Old Bay Season Salt.

This picture is from the very first time and no Old Bay.
Once you lay the pan in in the oven with the shrimp- simply turn the oven off
(still keeping the oven door propped) After a few minutes, you'll quickly
notice the shrimp is turning pinkish- that's when it's time to take it out of the oven
and let it sit for a few minutes.  I also like to sprinkle some dried chives.
Change it up and add whatever dry seasoning you favor.

Lastly, take some butter and melt it for 30 seconds in the microwave, and once the
butter is completely melted, sprinkle a little garlic powder right into the butter
and stir it so that the garlic powder is mixed in well with the butter.
Once you peel the shells off your plump, juicy shrimp, dip your sea salt roasted shrimp
in some melted butter... if you like shrimp... you will DEFINITELY not be disappointed in these!
You can also make some garlic bread to eat along with these or your favorite salad,
extra spicy kimchi etc...