April 23, 2012

Personal Mini Apple Pie

Apple pie is commonly known as the all-American dessert.
We can make pies in many different ways but a new favorite is
the personal and mini pie.  

You know about double-duty and triple duty... BUT!---
the muffin pan has a record for the many things it can make, bake, store and hold.

The newest is making mini little pies in the muffin pan.  
What's nice about the mini pie isn't JUST the fact that they are cute.
They are easier to eat, store (if you have any left over that is!)
I think we all have a muffin pan also which makes it easy. 
(even the single guys have a muffin pan) ---right?

fruit for pie (depends on the type of pie you're making)
(I choose 2 small apples for this small batch
1 pie crust - already made pie crust (makes 5 mini pies)
butter (to saute apples (fruit) in on the pan)
milk to brush onto pies

Start with dicing 1 large or 2 small apples and saute them in a pan on medium high heat with butter
It's easiest if you have your filling cooked and ready to go.
Add a sprinkle of cinnamon (optional)

Take the Pillsbury or whatever brand all-ready made pie crust and cut them out
with a cookie cutter, (you will need 2 circles for every mini pie- top and bottom)
or the lid of a jar works really well. (Just keep in mind-
you want the circle to be able to fill the muffin tin.

 Spray some oil on your pan and place your pie crust in the pan.

After you've placed your apple filling in, take your second little circle pie crust and place on top of the cooked apple. (You can cut other little shapes with a mini cookie/fruit cutter to place on top if desired)
Heavily brush some milk or equivalent. (I used almond milk for this batch)

Cook in the oven on 375 for about 35-40 minutes or until golden brown.
It's best to lay the muffin tin in the middle rack so the bottom and top have even distribution of heat.

 I will say... these were quite tasty!  On to blueberry and blackberry next!

Hwa, a childhood friend of mine, gave me the idea of making mini pum-pples after the original "Pumpple"....
One of these weekends,  I'll have to try the mini Pumpple or Blupple.
Actually it would be Van-pple...? If it was a single layer of vanilla cake and apple pie.
You get what I'm saying though right!?

Sweet Mini Pies!