June 27, 2012

Eat a Flip Flop

Summer time calls for summer LOOKIN things right?
We all enjoy a great BBQ but how about eating a flip flop?
Eww, not the gross ones your sweaty feet were on but 
change it up a little and make a flip flop sandwich.

One of my favorites is the threesome of tomato, basil and mozzarella.
I started with the three and a piece of bell pepper as well.

This is my messy kitchen counter with a pot of basil.
(The basil's home is on the balcony but I figured basil pot could make a guest appearance)

Take some bread, don't judge, any kind of bread will be great!

and trim the edges so it's sort of  in the shape of an oval.

Add your sandwich meat, veggies etc...

Take your bell peppers and after cutting strips, use a toothpick to insert into
your sandwich to represent a flipplin flop... I mean flip flop.

The extra bread pieces you cut off, can be dried and pulsed to make bread crumbs
or you can just simply snack on them. (don't throw them away though!!)