June 9, 2012

Triple Spicy Fried Beef..........yum

While I was dining out, I came across a dish I enjoy quite a bit.  I've been back
to the restaurant to order that same dish among other dishes BUT!

I've also made something close to it while still keeping it my own and original at home.
Now, if you enjoy beef, spicy beef, beef jerky, extra spicy dry beef...
you will almost positively love this dish!

First, heat some oil in a pan or turn your home deep fryer on.

Start with some beef, I usually go with the beef that is already cut into strips-
(it's usually marked for stir-fry, typically a type of chuck)
I usually take the strips and cut them in half to make them even more into
thin strips like the picture below.
By the time you've rinsed and cut your beef the oil should be ready.
I recommend washing/rinsing everything you eat and with that-
please make sure you pat the beef with a paper towel so that you don't splash oil on
yourself when the beef hits the oil. If there is water on the beef, it will cause a mean war.
I mean, MEAN WAR!

You are going to fry the beef 3 times. LITERALLY.
So, once your oil is ready, drop the raw beef in.
(If you have a wooden spoon or chopstick- you can stick the handle part in and
if the oil bubbles/fizzles or has any movement... it is ready)

The picture above is after frying it the first time.
The bottom picture is after it has been fried the 2nd time.

After you deep fry the beef 3 times, if your beef is a lot browner-
you are on the right track.
If your beef is very dry looking and tasting- you are even more on track!
Make sure you have some paper towels to drain the oil from the deep frying.
I usually enjoy salty things so I add a sprinkle of salt right after it comes out
of the hot oil as it is sitting on the paper towel.

As far as the marinating or adding flavor to the beef,
I add a drizzle of soy sauce  (maybe 1 TBSP)
and about 1/2 a TBSP on crushed pepper powder
(the Korean pepper powder works best)
Simply just toss the beef around in the mixing bowl so the soy sauce
and hot pepper powder gets evenly distributed among all the beef pieces.

I recommend using celery or green string beans for the vegetable in this dish.
You could use broccoli but I recommend using celery or
string beans because of 2 reasons.
1.  String beans are already long shaped and celery can be cut easily into
long match sticks to be a similar shape as the beef.
2. Both of these 2 veggies are on the sweeter side and a veggie like broccoli is more
on the bitter of the green veggies (that's typically why it's used in sweeter stir-fry dishes)

Being that my Triple Spicy Fried Beef is a spicy dish, the sweeter green veggie
will complement it better.

As far as the sauce, I usually don't add hot peppers to a sauce/dish.
I will usually just add the Korean pepper paste or hot pepper powder flakes
(associated in making Kimchi) BUT! I saw these peppers at the store and they
were labeled "Vietnamese hot peppers"  To be honest, I bought them because they
were cute.  Sometimes, the cute factor can over power things right...? ......right?

I mean, I even took the time to lay them out all cute on my cutting board and everything.

NOW, if you dare to use hot peppers in the dish...
I do highly recommend letting all tasters know the peppers are a cute factor and not
necessarily meant to be eaten.  (Or stick with all red/orange ones- 
so they can't get confused with a green bean- with the sauce it gets similar looking)

If you do end up with a hot pepper and the inside of your mouth feels like that there
is a Cali wild fire blazing... I recommend drinking some milk or anything that has 
dairy, yogurt, cheese etc...  It will calm the wild fire down. 

The sauce is equal parts of... (start with 3 TBSP)
3 TBSP  soy sauce
3 TBSP  Hoisin sauce
3 TBSP A-1 steak sauce
1 TBSP of rice vinegar  (white vinegar is ok)
honey  (about 1 TBSP  or 1 good squeeze of the bear)
pepper powder (start with 1 TBSP- add to desired spiciness)
sprinkle of sesame seeds (roasted/toasted only)

This is a sauce so it will change depending on how many people you are feeding/serving.
(This amount fed 3 people. )

You definitely want to enjoy this spicy dry beef dish with rice, white, brown, wild red,
or mix it up... whatever floats your boat or basically makes your stomach and eyes smile!

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