August 17, 2012

Chicken Pot Pie Muffins

Ah, the muffin pan. I know I say this often but a great quality for a product especially in the 
kitchen is when you can use something for more than 1 purpose. DOUBLE DUTY!
The muffin tin is SO versatile that it really is endless--- how many things can be cooked in it.

A few weeks ago, I made some individual chicken pot pie muffins. 
It was cute but very eater-friendly as well. 

This chicken pot pie recipe is ridiculously easy. 
You will need:
~a muffin tin,
~chicken breast (cut into little bite size cubes) 
2 breasts will be more than enough for 12 chicken pot pie muffins.
~a Mirepoix (pronounced  "meer-PWAH") 
  which is the french word for the trinity of carrots, celery and onion
~ 1 potato cut into small cubes
~Bisquick pancake mix
~and a little chicken or veggie stock

Here is a pic of the Mirepoix with potatoes.
Mix 1 cup of the Bisquick as if you were going to make pancakes.

Turn your stove on to medium-high heat and let the veggies all cook together  for about 10 minutes
in chicken or veggie stock. (The stock will really give it great flavor)
A few minutes in... not to be too technical but around minute 7-8 add your chicken.
Basically, you want to add the chicken towards the end to prevent it from over cooking
which will make the chicken too dry.  Keep in mind, this is going to go into the oven.
As far as seasonings, I added a little salt, black pepper & garlic powder.

Take your Bisquick mix and fill about 25-30% of the muffin holes.

Then spoon in the Chicken Pot Pie filling inside the muffin holes.

Then use the remaining Bisquick mix to top the muffins.

Bake it in the oven until it gets golden brown on about 350degrees.

You could make this with a chicken soup as well. You could add your chicken pot pie muffin
into your favorite big soup bowl and then ladle in chicken soup on top of the muffin!

It's great for portion control and quite easy to eat as well. You could easily freeze these as well.