September 6, 2012

Nacho Night condiments

Nacho night condiments.

There always seems to be smiles when Nachos are around.
I wanted to make nacho night a little more colorful, so what better way than
to use beautiful, natural colored bell peppers for little bowls.

I started by making a tomato salsa and some guacamole.
The guacamole consists of....
2 ripe (black-ish skin--- soft to the feel) avocados
red onion (diced very fine) maybe 5-6 rows of thin slivers
a sprinkle of paprika, salt, black pepper & red pepper powder-optional (about a teaspoon each)

Really healthy and it tastes really good too!  

The tomato salsa consists of... 
2 medium sized- ripe, diced tomatoes
a handful of chopped cilantro
diced red onion (not too much- about the same as the guacamole-5-6 rows of slivers)
the juice of one whole lime

Once I make the tomato salsa- I put it into a little strainer to get SOME of the liquid out.
Just a little of it.  In the meantime, I lay some corn tortilla chips in an oven safe dish-
(the flatter the better). I then add some already grated cheese (cheddar in the picture)
and then add another layer of chips and then top it with more cheese.
The ground beef is 50/50 meaning- if I have ground beef around, I fry a little and 
add some but often I don't.
If you want to add ground beef- a simple sprinkle of salt, black pepper and garlic powder
is all the it needs. Add the seasonings after you have fried the beef- giving it a good toss
or mix with a spoon/ladle so the beef is seasoned well!

(Already cooked ground beef in between layers of chips and shredded cheddar cheese)
It's all ready to go into the oven on about 300 degrees. It needs to stay in the oven
for about 15 minutes or.... until the cheese evenly melts.

I wanted to use 3 peppers- one for the guacamole, one for the salsa and one for sour cream.

After rinsing the peppers, cut the top of the pepper like this and take out the seeds.
You can then use a small paring knife to make little zigzag type cuts.
(The cuts are on an angle rather than straight cuts)

I did that to all of them and ta-da! ...... 3 little bowls for the Nacho condiments.
The only thing I would change is get slightly bigger peppers next time.
If you end up getting a pepper who doesn't want to sit flat... just give a small little cut
on the bottom of the pepper to basically make the bottom of the pepper stable.

The tomato salsa...

The guacamole in another...

And some sour cream in the last one.

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