October 26, 2012

Caramel Apple..........Bites

Take a granny smith apple.... it's best to use an apple that is on
the tart side because the caramel is going to be super sweet.
You can use a spoon or a small knife and slice them but
it's also quite easy to use a melon baller to get as many
small bite-size pieces as you can.

Melt some caramel (Worther's Original) about 30 candies in
a small pan on LOW HEAT. Remember to put it on LOW!
Don't add any water, butter or anything else!

Dip the apple pieces (with tooth picks on them-
you can use as a holder) in the melted caramel and
twist and turn to make a nest-looking shell.
Place it on wax or parchment paper and the
room temperature will "set" it very quickly!

These are basically candy apples in skewer style bite-size pieces!
Enjoy them during the Autumn-apple season. Slight tart from
Granny Smith apples with sweet caramel equals ===== SWEET!

Zestfully, Let's Cultivate Food