October 17, 2012

Pickled Cold Mac Salad

I learned an interesting way to make chilled macaroni salad last weekend
and of course I made it a few days later.

It came out pretty tasty. Often foods that are simple are good just for their
flavors.  I usually associated chilled macaroni or any pasta salad to be on
the sweet side but this one has a little sweet but more of a salty tang to it as well.

I took some Ditalini ...

Boiled it, rinsed it, chilled it..........

and added 2 cut up hard boiled eggs, a TBSP of dijon mustard,
3 pickle wedges diced up small and mayo to mix it all up.
I then added the pasta/ Ditalini and added a little more mayo
to blend everything together.

It's best served after being chilled in the refrigerator. It was kind of like lasagna in the
way that it tasted even better the next day after all the flavors settled together.

The tangy and saltiness of the pickles give it that great deli-style taste while being
home-made which is even better!  This mac salad is good enough to eat even if/when you're not on a picnic! with a sandwich, without a sandwich... anyway you want... even by itself was good!

What's your favorite chilled salad? Potato? Egg Salad? Tuna Salad?

Zestfully, Let's Cultivate Food