November 24, 2012

Cooking CLASSES in your home!!!

Hands fully-on Cooking Class 
right in YOUR home or work place!
by a former restaurant consultant, food blogger, 
flavor creating goddess & former co-owner of a restaurant

“Let's Cultivate Food” is offering a fun approach to 
learning exotic cooking -- from the drinks, to appetizers
to the main entree in the comfort of YOUR home!        
The classes are fun with tons of tips and tricks along with 
learning hands-on ......  one-on-one tutorials....LIVE!

How does it work?
1. First, fill out some basic info on the link
    "To BOOKwith the # of people in your group,
    which menu and your location etc...  

2. Once a day and time is scheduled---
    My sous chef and I will come to your location 
    with the fresh ingredients. 
    We do all the shopping for you- and often it's
    multiple shops / markets---   
    (but we'll use your pots, pans, cutting board etc... 
    you know-  so you can simply re-create 
    the menu at another time down the road)

3. We’ll teach & you’ll help cook the exotic feast together – 
    then the best part, 

4.  EAT!

5.  To make the fairy-tale complete, while you and your 
      friends/family are discussing  who’s now the best with 
      making these dishes,  we’ll be cleaning and getting 
      the place back to sparkling clean!

So you ask, “What does it cost?"
Great question!  The prices for an In-Home Cooking Class are: 
$300 (up to 4 people) and $75.00 per additional person  
(see below of extended zip codes) 

The price includes ALL the fresh ingredients, 
the instructional class and for us driving to you!

Each person will be participating during the class along with 
getting their hands-on learning;  learning things some of your 
local restaurants don’t even know (or don’t want to tell). 
Again, we'll bring ALL of the fresh ingredients and 
hey let’s face it,  there’s a price to pay for sitting at home  
while we shop for the groceries  (often at multiple stores),  
drive to you and put on a  “live cooking show type presentation”,   
clean up and then have to drive home,   while you get to 
spend about 2 hours feeling like a rock star!!  

Can I invite others and if so...
how many people can I invite?
You betcha! The sweet spot is 4-6 adults, though you can 
go as small or as large as you want. 
The number of people however, should be limited to 
what can comfortably fit in your kitchen or dining area 
giving enough space to do what we’re here to do..
I think you know what I mean...

What should I wear?
Whatever you have that brings out your creative cooking juices. 
We’ll bring the aprons for each paying person to 
borrow while cooking!

Who does the cleaning afterwards?
We do! Though........... we promise not to complain
if you want to help!

When and how do I pay?
The methods of payment can be through-
~ Venmo
~ Paypal  
~ Credit card  (3.5% electronic fee)
~ Cash
(payment needs to be prior to the arrival of class)
(If you prefer to pay by cash--- it is due at the start of class)

What if I don't like any of the 
menu choices posted here but 
would like some cooking instruction 
Simply choose "custom" on the form and enter the dishes, 
ethnic type or ingredient, etc. you are interested in learning 
and as long as it fits within my skill set I will be super excited 
to create a personal menu for you!  
I've mastered many things over the years of  teaching 
cooking classes and catering events... 
so I’m well prepared if you choose to take this route!

extra travel fee for the following zip codes -
due to the extra time travel based off of location,
time & consistent traffic (not random traffic--
city traffic is from data collected with over
150 classes in the city and these zip codes)
$25.00 extra travel fee to:

19103, 19104,  19105,  19106,  19107,
19121,  19123,  19125,  19130,   19134,
19145,  19146,  19147,  19148,

18912, 18938, 18940,  18944,
18951, 18964,  18966,  18969,  
New Jersey & Delaware