April 24, 2013

HOT POT at home!

One of the first times I had a hot pot meal served in a restaurant was in Chinatown, Chicago.
It was more of a soup where you picked and chose items off of a list and then cooked the 
items in the broth yourself. 

Another take on a hot pot dish is to make a healthy stir-fry. 
You simply take any veggies you and your friends or family would enjoy smelling and 
hearing the sizzle of.  This specific hot pot stir-fry was all veggies and bulgogi in the center.

In this particular hot pot made at home- we added:
~button mushrooms (sliced about 1/2 a pack)
~wooden ear mushrooms
~scallions (sliced long and diagonal)
~enoki mushrooms (1-2 packs)
~napa cabbage (1/4 head of medium size or 1 small)
~2 carrots cut in jumbo match-stick
~1 red bell pepper
~ vermicelli noodles

You simply add the veggies all around an electric skillet type of equipment and place the
bulgogi (click to see marinade for bulgogi) in the center (already marinaded)
You can pour about a cup of beef or veggie broth or simply water to get it started!

Simply turn your skillet on 350 degrees/medium high/ #4... depending on your device
the temperature setting will be different and that's it!
If you are just using water rather than a broth... I would add a sprinkle of salt over the veggies
or you can add 1-2 TBSP of soy sauce mixed in with the water.

Serving with rice is optional but definitely recommended!  YUM!

Zestfully, Let's Cultivate Food