May 20, 2013

Bird's Nest

The bird's nest.

It's made from potatoes and it was the base of salads back during the restaurant days.
Wow, the restaurant days seem like so long ago. Almost another life time ago. Literally.

What's great about the bird's nest is that it's fun, crunchy, visually interesting and best of all-
it's SO yummy!  It's great to put a salad or even rice into. You can simply use it as an edible bowl.


All you need is one large potato, corn starch, a small metal strainer with a handle that

will fit into a sauce pan or deep fryer of oil and one egg.

Take your potato, peel it, wash it and shred it. (you can use a mandoline or box shredder)
After you shred it- you have to wash it to get all the starch out. 
(You should rinse it at least 3-5 times) You'll see a little bit of light brown water come out.

Once you wash it, shake your strainer a little to get the excess water out.
Next, lightly coat your potatoes with cornstarch- enough that they coated.
Lastly, take your egg and either brush it onto the potatoes or mix the potato in the egg.
(The egg will basically help keep the potato together in your little metal strainer to fry in)

Take the potatoes and shape them into the little strainer like a bird's nest.
Once your oil it hot... you can deep fry them. 
When they are a golden brown they are ready.  Place your salad or any side dish in there!

Zestfully, Let's Cultivate Food