May 1, 2013

Thai Tea --- DIY

Thai Tea..... Yuh-Uhm.

Thai tea is traditionally made from brewing red tea leaves. 
Unfortunately red tea leaves are not the easiest to come across.... 
so the next best thing is to use black tea.

You will notice most Thai or Vietnamese restaurants' Thai tea has a reddish hue--
for they import red tea in from Asia.

You can very easily brew some Thai tea at home though!

recipe and procedure:  
Boil a pot of water (kettle) and about 8-10 black tea bags.
I know you are in a hurry to boil some BUT... make sure you take the paper off the tea bags.
You can use any brand of black tea as well.
Add a handful of star anise. (maybe about 8-10 stars).
Star anise looks like this if you've never seen it before.

Once the black tea bags and star anise have an awesome par-tay boiling and bubbling away--
let it sit and chill for a little while.

The only other thing to add is the 5 or so heaping TBSP of sweet condensed milk
and my secret (not so much a secret anymore)  is to add a splash of hazelnut coffee creamer.
(a splash is about 3 TBSP in this case of making a whole kettle/pot full)

This Thai tea is really rich and awesome in taste!  The star anise gives it that licorice like taste.
(It's similar to a Chai tea but different at the same time)   Chai tea has more goodies in it.

As the warmer weather is upon us--- chilling this tea is best.
A tip for icing this tea without making it too diluted is to make some black tea ice cubes.
(prior to adding the sweet condensed milk and creamer... add some black tea/star anise blend
in ice cube trays.  

If your ice isn't ready... use plain ice and you will have tea ice cubes for your next batch!

Zestfully, Let's Cultivate Food