January 20, 2014

French Toast Rolls

I've always been found of wraps... especially lettuce wraps.
I also love rolls. I even have a whole board dedicated to wraps and rolls on Pinterest.

I also love taking everyday foods and changing them up a little
just to make it different. I unfortunately don't get to eat brunch too often
BUT lucky for me- french toast can be eaten any time of the day.
I think most breakfast foods can be devoured at any time of the day...
or is it simply the thought that it's breakfast food and eating it at a different time
of day makes it more special?  Hmm, I wonder.

I was grabbing lunch at Chilis Restaurant for lunch the other day and I remember
this mom saying to her 2  young sons that this lunch was special but their dinner
was going to be even more special simply because they went out for lunch.
She told them that they were going to have 3 different types of cereal for dinner.
I'm not sure if this was a save money tactic or a just being clever tactic.
Either way... a cereal buffet could be fun!

To make french toast rolls:
Simply take some sliced bread and cut the crust off on all 4 sides.
Add some cream cheese or Nutella and add your choice of fruit.
(berries or banana are most divine)

Roll them up almost like sushi and then dip them in some egg
like the way you would for regular french toast.
(having the egg on a plate vs a bowl for these rolls will be a little easier)

Fry them in a pan (again just like the way you normally would regular french toast)
Once the rolls have cooked and browned-- while still warm roll them in
a sugar and cinnamon mixture, again on a plate will be easiest!

quite divine and delish,   Let's Cultivate Food