March 24, 2014

Pad Thai Pizza

Do you know what the difference between Asian Fusion food
and Pan Asian food is?  Many people  mistake the 2 or simply
assume it's the same thing.

Asian Fusion, or 'fusion' for that matter is bonding or fusing
something together and in this case it's either an Asian method of cooking
or an ingredient that is associated with Asian foods.
An example would be a Chicken Teriyaki burrito.
Teriyaki sauce is Japanese and a burrito is an Mexican-American food.
This dish would be Asian Fusion or Mexican Fusion.

I was craving Pad Thai and pizza but after debating in my head
of which one I wanted more... I decided to make both but together.
Literally.  Pad Thai pizza!   (for recipe ----->  Pad Thai recipe)

I was able to enjoy the crust part of the pizza that I wanted
along with the peanut, cilantro-spicy- curry kick of the Pad Thai all in one bite!
Totally an Asian Fusion Pizza!

Oh, and by the way- Pan Asian is when a restaurant has food (often favorites)
from many different countries. The best example of a Pan Asian chain
restaurant is P.F. Changs & their diner Pei Wei. Their menu consists of
dishes from China, Thailand, Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam and more all in 1 menu.

Making home-made pizza dough is very easy.
1. take 1 cup of flour and add 1 pack of yeast.
2. microwave half a cup of water in your coffee mug so it's hot but not boiling.
3. add water slowly and take a spoon and mix together.
4. wet a paper towel and throw over the dough for at least 20 minutes
     so the yeast and flour can get to know each other and get settled in
5. roll your dough with a rolling pin and  bake the dough first on a cookie rack
    for about 20 minutes (best if you want a crispy flat crust)

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