April 9, 2014

DIY Sriracha Salt

DIY is great but when it's so obvious and EASY it just.makes.sense.
Some things we make  it ourselves whether it's to save money or to add
a personal touch to or in this case because it's just too darn easy to do.

I'm taking about Sriracha Salt.  Sriracha sauce is a type of hot sauce made
from a paste of hot chili peppers + vinegar + garlic + sugar + salt.
The name comes from a city in Thailand called "Si Racha"  did you know that?

In Thailand , sriracha sauce is used as a dipping sauce mostly for seafood-
sort of like cocktail sauce.  Once the sauce immigrated to the US and other parts
of the world - it has blown up being used in soups, eggs, burgers, jams, lollipops,
candy canes, potato chips and more! In the US we most commonly see the brand
Huy Fong Foods aka: rooster sauce.  Many restaurants like Applebees, P.F. Chang's,
and Subway have jumped on the band wagon for incorporating Sriracha sauce
into dishes on their menu.

Another way to use the sauce is to make your own DIY Sriracha Salt.

Sriracha salt is great for seasoning. You can use it on popcorn, to season your 
steaks with, add a sprinkle to salads, on eggs, the uses are endless.
To make it- just mix a tablespoon of the hot sauce with a cup or so of coarse salt.
Once you mix it in a bowl - spread it out on a pan or plate so it will dry a little.
Do NOT bake it or anything else.  Simply let it sit for maybe 30 minutes to dry out.
Once the sauce has dried out you can put it into a jar or spice container
of your choosing. That's it!  I told you it was easy.
I mean- you don't even have to boil water or anything!

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