June 10, 2014

Grilled 'summah' Corn

Summer isn't  'summah'  without grilled sweet corn.
(Although it is technically still Spring)

Growing up on a farm in elementary school I remember
the farmer planting and harvesting field corn.

There are a few different types of corn but the 2 most common
and familiar to me are the sweet corn which comes in the yellow
or 'white' color or simply mixed and  field corn.
Field corn is tougher and extremely hard to eat because
it is grown primarily for animal feed- often for horses, cows and pigs.

A super easy way to make delicious corn is ---->

Peel the husk the day you are going to eat your corn
(otherwise it will dry out)
I like to save time and boil the corn first.
Then I put it on the grill towards the end of when
I'm done grilling whatever protein I am grilling.
Placing it it on the grill is to basically finish off the corn along with getting
the charred grill marks- that us, Americans sometimes are obsessed with.

I love to brush the corn with a butter mixture right when it's still hot.
You can easily cultivate your own butter mixture but my go-to one is
about 2 TBSP of butter (per 4-5 ears of corn)
about 2 teaspoons of Old Bay seasoning and some dried cilantro flakes.

This is always a hit whether you're going camping, having a Father's day cookout,
or it's simply a nice summer/spring day.

Zestfully Let's Cultivate Food