August 7, 2014

Buffalo Fried Rice

When you are making fried rice- it's  best to use day old rice
especially if you have left over take out rice.
Most fried rices are made with day old rice simply because it is
not as sticky and once rice becomes cold, all the moisture is gone and
for a fried rice stir-fry texture... you want it to be not as moist or
too sticky.  For- who wants fried rice that is porridge like?

I love fried rice and I also delight all things Buffalo especially when made
with Frank's Hot sauce. For this super easy way of making Buffalo fried rice-

I diced up one small onion and  rough chopped already shredded carrots.
I also sliced 2 hot dogs as well. I scrambled 2 eggs in the pan first and then
took the eggs and put them in a bowl (to be added at the end)

I sauteed the onions first and then added the carrots then the hotdogs
with 1 TBSP of soy sauce for the salt, a teaspoon of garlic powder,
a teaspoon of mustard powder and a teaspoon of sugar along with
about 5 TBSP of Frank's Hot sauce.
I then added the rice and stirred everything together.
Lastly, add your already scrambled eggs and stir-in.
I added some parsley flakes at the end as well. (optional)

Zestfully Let's Cultivate Food.........  day 7 of 31 days