August 3, 2014

Your left overs -------> in Kale Wraps

I think we all get tired of not just eating the same old thing
but in the same old way as well.  There are many food artists
and chefs who really plate their food as a masterpiece and it looks
pretty amazing but realistically speaking....
the average person who just eats food to survive and isn't really
into food for the fun or art of it... they just want to eat it in a pretty
easy way.  Right?!

Today, I've got a pretty easy recipe that is triple duty.
It's one-  healthy. Two- uses your leftovers and three- easy to make.

What could be better than those 3 things? It's easy to make and healthy
BUT! it also uses some of your leftovers.  I'm going to assume
that you enjoyed your leftovers enough to save them
to finish in the next day or two.

Kale wraps.  I know, you might think Kale?
I'm not really into THAT healthy of foods.
My kids or the rest of the family won't eat it.
My advice---- "don't knock it till you try it"

Take some large Kale leaves and steam or boil it in a pot of hot water.
You'll know when it's ready as it gets softer and changes into a
dark forest green from the vibrant super bright green.

Take your left overs and wrap them into the Kale leaves almost
like an egg roll, summer roll or burrito like.
Because the Kale was steamed or boiled and it is soft-
it will be very easy to wrap your filling (leftovers) with.
I used left over brown rice fried rice that had onions, carrots and
beef in it with a little bit of yellow Spanish rice I also had.

You can add any sauce of you choosing of course!
This time around, I used spicy Korean pepper paste sauce.

Zestfully Let's Cultivate Food.........  day 3 of 31 days