April 13, 2011

Lemons On The Grill

Lemons are great for many things. They are good to rub
on your hands to get rid of strong smells like fish or even oil.
But, 2 ways to use lemons on your grill are:
when you are getting ready to grill- cut a lemon in half,
stick a fork in it and rub the lemon all over your grill grates
as the grill is warming up... this will help clean
your grates and it also gives your food a little lemony flavor
which usually works with many foods. Another of many ways
to use lemon on your grill is for salt.
Take some coarse sea salt and mix with lemon zest.
This lemon sea salt is great to sprinkle on some fish,
some types of steaks and on chicken. Add some extra
lemon juice and black pepper and you've got a simple
lemon pepper chicken.