April 14, 2011

Ready, Set , MUFFIN! + 10 minutes

Almost every single time I bake muffins I notice that there is
extra batter and I always end up tossing it out because I don't
want to bake another round of muffins with barely 2 or if
I'm lucky with 3 muffins in a muffin tin of 12.
So I recently discovered what to do with the extra batter!
Fill the foil or paper liners that you normally cook your muffins
or cupcakes in as if you're going to make more but instead put
them into the freezer either in the muffin pan if you have room
or even on a small plate. Once the uncooked muffin batter is solid,
take it out and just put it into a zip lock bag.

When you've had a looooong day from work and you want your
favorite muffin/cupcake without the hassle of making an entire batch-
just take out a ready to go muffin or 2 and bake it following the time
of your recipe adding 10 minutes to the time due to it being frozen.
It's best if you have a smaller convection or toaster oven you can
bake in due to the fact you are only baking a few muffins rather
than your regular sized oven...

But, if you've had a bad day at work.... maybe it doesn't matter-
STRESSED backwards is DESSERTS ya know.