June 2, 2011

French Onion Soup @ Home

I enjoy a good French Onion soup
even if it's made at home slightly in a jiffy.
This recipe is literally made in a jiffy.
When you pay $5 or so in a restaurant...
they are cooking the broth way longer.

I start off by slicing onions into long pieces.
Boil the onions in water (your broth)
Tip-measure out water in whatever cup/bowl
you will be eating it in- and then add a splash more
because the broth will reduce as you boil and simmer it.
I usually use half water & half chicken broth.

The longest part of this recipe is cooking/boiling the onions
until they are almost an opaque hue. It helps to turn the stove
on medium high to do so.  As your onions are boiling away...
add a splash of soy sauce, pinch of garlic powder and  as you
taste it...  the chicken broth or vegetable broth will start to bring
the flavor out especially because onions are filled with so much
flavor and a hint of sweetness.  After the onions are sort of
translucent-like I ladle out the broth with onions into oven
safe bowls I purchased from "Home Goods" (my toy store)
and if I have crusty bread- I slice some in the middle but most
of the time I don't have the bread so I do without the extra carbs.
I take one of my favorite cheeses- provolone and place either
one or 2 slices over the broth so that the entire bowl/cup is covered.
I then place the onion soup in the oven on broil just until the
cheese melts and gets golden brown in some spots.
That is it.  French Onion Soup made at home in a jiffy.