July 24, 2011

LCF's Twist On A Quesadilla

Making food you like is always a plus. Cultivating it- is even better!
(when you make it your own by adding things you like)
Why add ingredients you don't have or like just because it's in a recipe.

With that thought... I decided to cultivate a quesadilla.
First, take some...

tomatoes, peppers and cilantro and dice it all up.  (You can also add a red onion) 
Then, take some watermelon and dice that up. 

You might think... watermelon in a salsa with veggies...?   Don't diss it unless you've tried it. 
Once it's diced up- it works well if you put it in a colander to let the liquid out.

Next, you want to cut your corn (I prefer cutting it from the cob because it tastes better) 
and chop some cilantro and saute it together with a little oil in the pan and some chicken stock.

 I add some steak seasoning or you can just add which ever seasoning you like! 
Take some burrito wrappers and place your tomato-watermelon salsa, 
cilantro corn and any type of cheese  you'd like and fill half of the burrito wrapper.

I decided to use Brie Cheese, shredded cheddar out of a Kraft bag, diced smoked Gouda 
and Beemsters Valaskas Cheddar for this quesadilla.


It can be a little tricky flipping it over, BUT- you can do it!

I will say it is pretty tasty! 
You can add some chicken or pork if you'd like as well.