September 2, 2013

Buffalo Chicken Dumplings! (w/bacon)

Take 2 things you enjoy and fuse them together!
I enjoy lots of different foods but being Korean... Asian food come into
play quite often. So many dishes end up being Asian Fusion.
Not to mix that up with Pan-Asian which is.... for those who might mix them up-
for example- a Pan-Asian restaurant would serve foods from many different Asian
countries or regions whereas Asian Fusion or any fusion for that matter
is when you take a technique or ingredient that is known for a certain region
and mix/fuse them together.

ie: Chicken Teriyaki Burrito Wrap

Just like the way Rachel Ray is a self-pronounced queen of burgers...
I am pretty close when it comes to dumplings.
Here are my Buffalo Chicken Dumplings. Take a chicken breast and boil it on medium heat
just so it's almost done (maybe 80-90% done).  Rinse it with cold water and then
pull it apart with your fingers. Have a few strips of bacon cooked and cut up into small pieces
as well and set the bacon aside to add to the Buffalo chicken dumpling mix.

Take about 3-4 scallions, chop them up and throw them into the bowl of shredded chicken.
Take a pan to your stove and melt about a tablespoon of butter and add a heavy drizzle
of Frank's Hot Sauce. Once the butter melts, add a drizzle of Agave or any type of sweetener.

Once the Buffalo sauce has started to bubble in your pan, turn the stove off and
add the chicken and scallions to your pan of hot Buffalo sauce. 
I add a little bit of Panko bread crumbs to make the filling a little bit thicker 
so the sauce doesn't drizzle out the sides when I fold the dumplings. 
The chicken that you boiled to "almost done" will finish up cooking in the hot, hot sauce. 
(The reason I say cook it 80-90% is so that the chicken doesn't get over cooked and dry out). 
Now, is the time you would add the already cooked and cut bacon.


Once the dumplings have been folded, you can pan or deep fry them. I recommend
deep frying these.  These dumplings are REALLY good with chilled Ranch Dressing.
(A taste test has been done with Ranch vs. Blue Cheese)

Since these dumplings are deep fried, maybe eat the dumplings with a side salad.
Balance the frying with something a little healthier...?  Is that girl reasoning?

Nonetheless, I am pretty sure you will enjoy these dumplings if you enjoy Buffalo sauce.

Zestfully, Let's Cultivate Food