October 23, 2011

Braised Short Ribs aka Kalbi Jjim

Making Kalbi Jjim which is also known as Korean Braised Short Ribs
was inspired by eating some that the famous Julia Lee made.

I bought short ribs from Trader Joe's that I first, put into a big bowl and filled it with water.

After letting them soak for about a half hour, I rinsed the water , cut little strips in the ribs
and boiled the short ribs in a pot for about an hour.  (I made cuts so the ribs would get
more tender as a large piece with cuts rather than one larger chunk.

As the beef boils, there will be lots of foamy stuff that you want to scoop out and toss out.
(You can save the rest of the liquid to use as a beef stock if you'd like)

As far as the sauce,  I started by grating an apple for the sweetener and the apple actually
tenderizes the meat as well...double duty- sweet!  I added about 1 cup of soy sauce, 
slightly less than  a cup of water (to lessen the saltiness of the soy sauce), 
about a 1/4 cup sesame oil, 
3 TBS of Splenda, 
1 large Yam cut up,
2 carrots cut into bite size pieces or baby carrots,
1 large onion cut into large chunks,
1/4 teas of black pepper
and lastly, 4-5 garlic (I grated them but you can add them whole as well)

These are the ribs after about 15 minutes or so....

After the first hour, you can see how the grated apples have caramelized.
This might be a good time to cook a pot of rice to eat with your Kalbi!

At about hour 2 is when I added the veggies. By putting a lid on the pot allows the veggies to get
tender and you'll notice there is a slight steamy effect going on in the pot.
After about 3-3.5 total hours, your Kalbi will be tender and full of juices and flavor.
If you really want it to practically fall off the rib bone- you can cook it for another hour.