October 11, 2011

LCF's CheeseSteak @ Home

When you can't go into the City of Philadelphia to get a great
Cheese steak.... here, might be a way to make one at home.

I saw shaved Beef steak at Trader Joe's the other day...
and decided.... hmmm homemade cheese steak!

I chopped up one small onion, a quarter of a red bell pepper and a few stems of chives
(the chives I used... because I had them- I would say they are optional)
I let the veggies sweat in the pan and get golden brown before I threw the shaved beef slices
that I gave a quick chop to. (I prefer smaller pieces of meat for cheese steaks)

I then added a a small drizzle of soy sauce, yes soy sauce (for the salt part) and then
a heavy drizzle of Kraft's BBQ sauce.  Once the steak was cooked (cooking the meat
with the onions and peppers allows the meat to stay tender as well and not dry out.)
I then, took my toasted rolls I purchased from Wawa  www.wawa.com and lay some
slices of Velveeta yellow cheese and flipped it over in the pan on top of the steak and onions.

About a minute later, when the cheese melted, I flipped the cheesesteak over and
voila! Cheesesteak made at home. Now, I'm not comparing this home-made cheesesteak
to a Philly cheese steak- but it was pretty good though!

Toasting the rolls played a big part in the cheese steak as well! Try this at home...
when you can't go to Pat's, Geno's, Jim's or .... Bob's.