February 13, 2012

Rainbow CUP... cake it UP!

We were celebrating Friendship Day at church for it being Valentine's Day.
Many of the teachers brought in cupcakes for the kids to get a sugar high after they did an activity.

After making many rainbow cakes, I wanted to try rainbow cupcakes and this was 
the perfect opportunity for me to try them out. I'll say it was pretty cool.
When they came out of the oven- they were kind of psychedelic looking.

I'm not much of a baker but I've always wanted to make cake from scratch thinking it would be 
better, fresher and I guess just knowing it's made from scratch rather than from a box... BUT!
the other day when I saw Buddy Valastro aka: Cake Boss admit that he has used cake box mixes
more than a handful of times- that quickly made my decision of buying a $2 box of cake mix is the 
way to go!

So, with that bring said- take your cake box mix and add your eggs, oil and water.

 Mix it vigorously with a whisk or use your hand held blender etc...
to get your batter to be airy and smooth.

There really is no rhyme or reason for making rainbow cupcakes.
The easiest way seemed to just divide the cake batter into smaller bowls-
like the picture below.

After dividing the batter, add several drops of food coloring to the batter to get the colors. Ta da!

 I love the idea of double duty- using something for more than the one intended thing it was made for.

So, with that- I end up using my very sturdy $1 store ice cream scoop for many things.
Take any color cake batter and add them in any order or way you'd like.

 Once they come out of the oven they really looked psychedelic like the pictures.

Because the cause was Valentine's related...
I decided to continue with adding some red food coloring
to the vanilla icing to make it pink.
A few jimmies here, a few jimmies there later... I had 30+ cupcakes!

I bought this 18 cupcake holder due to fact of making so many cupcake and
muffins for my many mini catering gigs!
You also can't beat $12.99 at HomeGoods.
HomeGoods = my toy store!