February 13, 2012

Pepper Steak Rolls

The other day after ordering Pepper Steak for lunch, it hit me to make pepper steak rolls.
The craze of learning and making sushi rolls in the US has died down but you can always roll something.

I took the shaved beef that they sell at Trader Joes (the same cut as making LCF's Cheese Steaks at home)
and took some colored bell peppers and some Lee Kum Kee's Black Pepper Sauce and literally
made some rolls. You can also use sliced rib-eye commonly known for making Korean Bulbogi as well.

There's not too many words to say for this one. The pictures will be more than sufficient I think.


Take some of the shaved or sliced beef and smear some black pepper sauce while adding the 3 different
color peppers. (You can add just one or even the green ones as well- the tri-color is for the pretty color)
I added some roasted garlic pieces and then simply just rolled them.

 Once they are rolled, roll the pepper streak rolls in a little cornstarch to hold the
whole roll together especially when frying them.

 I added a little little oil and fried them until brown and then cut them with a bread knife into little rolls.

 They were pretty good. I had them with some pasta mixed with  olive oil and Italian Seasonings.