August 22, 2012


Hungry Girl was launched in 2004 by Lisa Lillien.
She is just a girl who was hungry and wanted to entertain and inform other
hungry people with free daily emails about food.

She's not a nutritionist or chef but she considers herself a "foodologist"
mainly because she is obsessed with food.
She branded herself as "Hungry Girl" and has products, columns for Weight Watchers
and has been on Rachel Ray, Extra, and Redbook. She is now on Food Network as well.

Lisa is a media executive who has held positions on Nickelodeon and Warner Bros.
So, although branding yourself is an awesome accomplishment...
"you always often have to know someone" to be able to get yourself out there.

Do you ever throw bread out because you couldn't finish the whole loaf and it got
moldy or just didn't make it for one reason or another?
Do you ever get tired of buying hot dog buns, hamburger buns & sandwich loaf bread.

I've found that these Hungry Girl  flat breads work really well for almost everything.
Burgers, hot dogs, a deli meat sandwich, grilled cheese, a mini pizza... you name it.
It's like an all in one.

I got some condiments ready while the burgers were grilling up.
Diced and fried in the pan onions, lettuce, bacon and provolone cheese this time around.
I didn't have any tomatoes on hand but I usually throw a slice or 2 of tomatoes in there also!

The flat bread comes in this "8" shape so it's very easy to just fold over.
This burger has Kraft's BBQ smothered all over it.

On nights when you get home late or not... it's a quick way to make dinner!
Add your favorites and make it your own specialty!
Have fun with it using the condiments you enjoy most!