October 5, 2012

BLT basket

So, at this point you might realize that I enjoy making food that is not the norm.
The artist in me enjoys taking everyday ingredients and making it a little
different that the typical way or expected way. "the norm"

Making fun food inspires me to make MORE food and slightly giddy inside-
now, only if I could somehow incorporate that into working out, SIGH!

Even though  BLTs are typically known as a summer sandwich...
who doesn't want to eat bacon all year round right!?

So I love when something is double duty but when it comes to the muffin tin---
I think I could come up with 100 different things that the muffin tin
can be used for. Making mini bacon baskets is yet, another way to use the tin.

To make these, it's easiest to microwave the bacon in paper towels first
so that they aren't completely raw. Once they are about half way cooked-
the bacon strips are a little more pliable to form in your muffin tin to be
baked in the oven on 400 degrees. Basically when they are crisp... they are done!

Once they are out of the oven, let them cool for a few minutes in the muffin tin
and once they are not steaming hot anymore- add your chopped lettuce
(Romaine works best) and tomatoes any way or kind that
you want...small salad tomatoes, plum tomatoes, Israeli vine tomatoes.... whichever!

Surprise your family and friends with a BLT side salad!  
(Each basket is made of 5 bacon pieces.)