January 14, 2013

Scrumptious Shrimp Appetizers

Do you love shrimp?
Do you like easy to make PLUS  looks good  PLUS tastes good type of appetizers?
Of course you do....right?

This appetizer is great for many reasons.
Easy to make --- check!
Inexpensive --- check!
Looks and tastes healthy --- check!
Takes very little time to make --- check!
Good for people watching their weight --- check!
Great for office parties, friends and family dinners, treat yourself because you're awesome---check!

Shrimp  (the medium size (21-26-ers) 
(These were the med-large ones and I think they are a little too big.)
1 large cucumber
1/4 of a ripe avocado
2 small red radishes or 2-3 slices of a small red onion (garnish)
Mayo (about 3 TBSP)  +  Wasabi paste (1 tsp) (sauce and gluing agent)
sprinkle of garlic powder (to your liking)
1/2-1 TBSP of butter to cook shrimp in (optional)

First peel, wash and de-vein the shrimp. 
(leaving the tail on or off is your choice)
Add a little butter (about 1/2-1 TBSP) or olive oil in a pan and 
saute your shrimp. When the one side turns pink, turn it over, 
turn the stove off and sprinkle some salt and pepper. You can also 
just steam them. (sea salt gives the best flavor if you have it)
Once both sides of the shrimp are pink... take the shrimp out and
let it cool on a plate/cutting board.

Cut your cucumber into slices. (Keep in mind you don't want 
the slices to be too thin) Mix you mayo & wasabi together. 
Lay your cucumber on a plate and dab with a paper towel if it's too wet.
Spoon a little mayo-wasabi sauce onto your cucumber, 
lay your shrimp on the sauce (works like a glue) and lay the little square-ish 
shape of avocado in between the tail and head of shrimp. Add your finely diced 
red radish or onion on top at the end as a garnish and THAT'S IT! You're done!

This simple one bite appetizer is filled with crunchy crispness from the 
cucumber with the wasabi mayo making the shrimp and avocado a little 
creamier with the sharp taste of the radish garnish finishing the appetizer 
in our mouth wanting another one and leaving your stomach happy, 
calm, not heavy and fresh!

Zestfully,  private party chef Yoon