December 12, 2013

Christmas tree your vegetables

Who wants a boring salad!?      .......................  no one answered yes.

Who wants the same old boring veggie and dip? ....................... still. no one answered.

Here is a way you can create a great centerpiece for your table AND it's edible too!

Take a styrofoam cone (you can get one from any craft store) and use that as 
your base and foundation. Take a few layers off of your head of lettuce or cabbage also 
---you will wrap it around the cone and as you stick the veggies with a tooth pick on one end-- 
the other end will go into the lettuce or cabbage then into the styrofoam cone.

The lettuce/cabbage is to prevent your veggies from sticking to styrofoam particles 
and simply to make it look a little nicer than seeing random spaces of green styrofoam.

Oh, you definitely want to purchase a GREEN cone shaped styrofoam piece
rather than a white one. 

A couple of quick tips:
~ having your veggies cut first will save you time 
~ having toothpicks in several cut pieces will help you get a good foundation as well
~ you want mostly broccoli to start with (the tree part)
~ cauliflower will help cover the  "tree" and make it look like snow
~ strips of bell peppers, little salad tomatoes and baby carrots can be used as ornaments
~ make sure you put the veggie pieces close together or you will have a tree that is very
    hollow and empty looking

You also want to have some salad dressing or dip to dip your veggies into.
If you have a smaller number of guests for dinner- you can make little
individual ones per person or have a larger one as a center piece if you have a larger group.

Zestfully, Let's Cultivate Food

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