December 13, 2013

Easy fake out strawberry whoopie pies

Another  SUPER easy dessert to make during the winter season is...... whoopie pies.
After hearing Cake Boss say that he uses cake box mixes from time to time...
that's what I will often use.  Especially when there are a lot of things going on...
which is pretty much all the time right!?

I like using Pillsbury cake box mixes the best because someone always seems to
comment and say   "that cake is so moist" when using PIllsbury.

I took some strawberry cake mix (prepared it the way it says on the box.

And I simply laid some parchment paper on a cookie sheet and scooped out
some cake mix about 3 inches apart measuring and using an ice cream scoop.

Once they cook for about 7 or so minutes-- take them out and lay them on a cooling
cookie rack so that they cool top and bottom.

Once they have cooled down to room temperature  (at least 30 minutes)
you can take any kind of icing or cream  (I used Pillsbury cream cheese flavor)

Take a spoon or a spatula and spread some icing on one piece and then make 
a sandwich with a 2nd piece.  Tada!   That's really it.  
A fake out baking dessert can't get much easier than that! Right?

The types of the whoopie pie itself and filling (icing) are endless.
You can even use food coloring to dye it in festive colors as well.

Zestfully, Let's Cultivate Food

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