December 23, 2013

Tea party desserts

Is it someone's birthday?
Are you getting together for the Holidays?
Do you need a snack made with everyday items but not in the norm?
In Home Cooking Classes Philadelphia
You can easily create these tea party tea mugs out of candy and cookies.
The handles are made of jelly rings cut in half.
The mug itself is an ice cream cone as you can see. They can easy be cut down
by using a small paring knife. Set them on a cookie  (the 'saucer'  for the 'mug')
Use a whole jelly ring candy in between the 'mug' and 'saucer' to allow
them to stick together as well.

And then simply add any candies and goodies you'd like. 
The smaller the better in this case.
I hope you have a great tea time break with a cute little loved one!

Zestfully, Let's Cultivate Food